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All of these things are just like the others July 8, 2009

Filed under: dating — optimisticmama @ 1:14 pm

My first love, in high school

My second love, while in college

A high school friend, who I dated just after college

My ex husband

The first guy I dated after my divorce

The Runner

Yeah, so I figured out why The Runner and the other guy getting married bugged me so much.  All six of the men listed above, married the first woman they dated after dating, (or being married to), me.  I haven’t dated that many men, we’re looking at nearly a 50% chance of getting married immediately after dating me.  I’m not finding the humor in this yet.  I hope to, someday, but right now, it pisses me off.

I’d better warn the guy I’m in the process of breaking up with now that he’d better choose his next girlfriend carefully, because she’s likely to end up being his wife!


3 Responses to “All of these things are just like the others”

  1. Wow! “Next girl friend becomes wife” thing – very strange. Perhaps, you should warn the next guy. (Just kidding).

  2. thisnewplace Says:

    “they” say we repeat patterns until we learned our lessons! Bah, I say!

  3. Hm. Hopefully it’s all just a weird coincidence?

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